Fresh Ivy Topiary Plants

Ivy Basket Topiary Plants

Shopping for your new topiary should be a treat, not a chore. Sometimes you feel as though you’ve spent hours looking for the perfect Live Ivy Topiary and haven’t made any headway in narrowing down your choice. We make it easy for you to shop and find exactly what you are looking for by keeping our customers in mind when we organize our products.

Our Fresh Ivy Topiary Plants are beautiful and they come in many different sizes and shapes. Outdoors, a large fresh topiary in ivy and rustica can add an artistic and natural element to your decor; a smaller choice of Live Topiary Plants makes a perfect tabletop centerpiece if you’re dining in the fresh air. These Live Topiary Plants add elegance and a feminine element to the design of any outdoor decor.

Decorating for Indoors, a live topiary tree brings a fresh look to any room. These stunning Live Topiary Plants breathe life into a dreary room with their lush greenery that intricately winds and grows into the most unusual and stunning displays of Fresh Topiary. With a number of sizes and styles available in our selection of Live Ivy Topiary, the Live Ivy Topiary plants are perfect for a desk, shelf, office, classroom, or table; wherever you need a touch of the outdoors to add to your indoor beauty.

Shop from any and all of our easily laid out categories to make sure you find the plant you are looking for. Each category is broken down in a way that makes our products easy to locate and lets you browse for the specific product you are looking for from our selection of Ivy Basket Topiary Plants, Round Basket Fresh Topiary and Hanging Fresh Topiary. Once you get to the specific category, you can search through each item and examine it by specific description and in depth detail and see exactly what it will look like with the photograph that is included. All of the information you’ll need to know is included.

There are so many types to choose from and we know you will start to enjoy the exciting world of topiaries long before you’ve even selected the perfect plant to fit into the living space and make it the happy place that you adore spending hours in.

Watering Tip: Never let the soil dry so much that the leaves wilt. If your hanging basket has a removable drainage saucer, water the plant slowly until moisture drips through the drainage holes in the bottom of the container. Let the pot drain for at least five to 10 minutes, and then pour the water out of the saucer. If your pot doesn’t have a removable drainage saucer, remove the hanging basket from the hook. Hold the container over a sink and water slowly under water trickles through the drainage hole. Allow the container to drain thoroughly before returning it to the hanger. Check the container often, as warm air rises and causes soil in hanging baskets to dry quickly.
op bow adorning the bottom of the elevated heart. The wire rimmed pink ribbon is created from a very light silk weave which allows for a slight amount of transparency to allow for a touch of the stem greenery to show through.

When purchasing this Live Ivy Topiary, there is the option of buying a 4.25″ Terracotta pot to replace the standard white plastic planting vessel. For added visual design, Mylar wrapping can be put around the base of the Live Ivy Topiary. This is an especially easy way to jazz up the plain pot when giving this Live Ivy Topiary to someone as a gift.

Having a stunning Live Ivy Topiary that takes the unique shape of a floating heart is an unexpected and beautiful way to add a touch of class and charm to any setting. The delicate flower adornments on this winding collection of Fresh Topiary vines enhance the beauty of the natural elements of the Live Topiary Plants.

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