How To Take Care of Your Topiary Animals

We offer awesome video’s on how to take care of your Topiary Art Forms

How Do I Plant My Topiary Animal Form?

How Do I Assemble My Animal Topiary Form?

Does Your Topiary Look Tired and Want to Revive it Back to Life?

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Explore our Family of Ball Topiaries Gardening

We are sharing our  family of ball Topiaries for gardening. Our live topiaries are a great addition to any garden. See what our experts have to have about Gardening resources for this summer that will attract awe moments to your garden.

family of live ball topiaries


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Why Buy Live Topiary Trees?

Live topiary trees are not only unique and one of a kind but they are also a great source of pleasure and beauty to have in any living or working space. Different from any other living plants, topiary plants allow for an extremely artistic touch and provide for beauty in an unexpected way that comes as a surprise to many. Live topiary trees are considered a niche art form in and of themselves. Creativity is fully expressed through these natural and living works of art, that can be easily bought to display and enjoy conveniently.

In recent decades, the love and admiration for live topiary trees has steadily increased, as nature lovers and consumers alike rediscover the beauty of these small natural wonders. By fitting both classical, modern, and worldly tastes, a live topiary tree provides endless possibilities and uses to a wide variety of consumers and collectors. Topiary trees provide for a great chance to bring a part of nature to a space. This allows for the natural architecture of topiary trees to be brought from a lovely outdoor garden to any personal space, all year round.

Topiary trees cater to all tastes because of their endless variations and varieties. Because of this they are able to provide pleasure for even the most pickiest of people. Not only are they a work of art but they are historically significant in the history of their existence and the wide

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Best Deals In Topiaries

If you’re looking for artificial topiary trees, live topiaries, botanical decorations and handcrafted topiary frames, you’ve come to the right place. At Topiary Trees, we have the largest selection of live topiary trees and artificial topiaries for every application. Plus, we have a complete selection of decorative planters and moss-covered topiary frames ranging from large to small. Many of our first-quality topiaries are designed for indoor and outdoor use, so customers can keep their homes, offices and businesses looking great year round. Order from Topiary Trees today, and enjoy unrivaled customer service and premium topiaries with competitive prices.

Who Are We?
At Topiary Trees, we are committed to delivering customers the largest selection of quality topiaries, planters and accessories with top-notch customer service and competitive prices. Indoors or out, topiary trees are fantastic design items that enhance the look of interior furnishings and architectural features on the exterior. Our extensive selection of exquisite artificial topiaries and live plants make ideal gifts, and they are great for softening the look of any home, office or commercial space.

Topiaries Are What We Do Best
We have a tremendous selection of artificial topiaries, live topiary plants, planters and topiary frames. Whether you’re a traditionalist or you prefer something more modern, our complete selection of decorative topiary trees and plants includes something for everyone. We have towering spiral topiaries perfect for formal gardens, impressive entryways and spectacular foyers as well as miniature topiaries, six-inch rosemary topiaries and smaller items that make wonderful gifts.

We even carry a comprehensive selection of seasonal trees and holiday topiaries complete with decorations that add Christmas cheer to any room. Our selection of live topiaries includes fragrant cypresses, glossy English ivy and classic Euonymus shrubberies. In addition to ball-shaped topiaries, decorative globes and ornate spirals, we have a comprehensive selection of lightweight fiberglass urns, containers and planters from modern to traditional. Visit our website regularly to view our ever-changing selection of high-quality topiaries and accessories.

We Take Pride In Excellent Service
As one of the largest topiary companies on the web, we offer customers access to the most comprehensive variety of live and artificial topiaries with prices that beat other suppliers. Check our our inventory of discount topiaries that are priced below our already competitive rates.  We are passionate about topiaries and botanical design items.

For more information about ordering and selecting a topiary that fits your style and budget, contact us today.

5 Lyons Mall, Suite # 108
Lyons, NJ 07920
Ph: 1-877-237-2972 

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Live Ball Christmas Topiaries – the complete family!!

Live Ball Topiaries are ideal for holiday decorating and year-round use, the bold, contemporary Ivy ball on a Stem Topiary delivers seasonal sparkle on a porch or in a foyer, standing tall. Keeping the family of topiaries together will you’re your place a holiday feel like never before or you can get them separately. Thick foliage is sculpted in a unique sphere. Stands 18-67” tall, choosing which Ivy ball is not hard to do! Low maintenance is the way to go, and having an Ivy ball on a Stem makes it easy year after year.

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Live Ball Christmas Topiary Top Seller!

Although they are meant for out the doors use, you can anytime keep them indoors to liven up your living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens. Our Live Ball Topiaries for Christmas is the best selling among the Christmas topiaries. With its beautiful reds, greens, and whites, this is perfect for the holidays! For the lowest possible maintenance this holiday season, the live ball Christmas topiary plants and trees are the answer.

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Live Lemon Cypress Christmas Topiary

Live topiary plants: Lemon cypress is another name for the “Goldcrest” cultivar of the Monterey cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa), a tree that has a native range limited to the Monterey bay on the coast of central California. The lemon cypress is characterized by bright yellow foliage and a narrow, conical habit with a heavy lemon scent. It may grow to be up to 16 feet tall in it’s native habitat. It is a fairly low-maintenance fast growing plant that grows in spurts as compared to slowly over time. There is less trimming with the upcoming holidays approaching they would make a perfect accent to any decor or style. For the home, it is beautiful in an entry way, or in the corner of a living area. For the office, especially those with low light, this topiary will bring some life into the room. Though, the lemon cypress does best in a location that gets at least five hours of full sun per day.
While indoors, keep the cypress near the window for maximum light, south facing would be ideal. Keep the soil moist but not soaking wet to avoid root rot. It’s best to keep them somewhere in your home where you can check them every day for maintenance. They like to be fed on a regular basis during the growing season, April through September every two weeks and once a month during the colder months with a 20-20-20 fertilizer.

The lemon cypress topiaries must be pruned on a regular basis to maintain their natural triangle or sphere shape. When pruned the tips will scab and turn brown, but not to worry this will fade in a short time as the topiary heals and grows.

 Besides these few little notes on how to care for your live lemon cypress topiary, these easy, fast growing, adaptable plants make the perfect gift for someone special or for your own home.

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Live Ivy Ring Christmas Topiary Plant

Live Ivy Ring Topiary for Christmas decorating. This Live Ivy Ring Christmas Topiary is colorful in its own way. What a beautiful way to greet your guests. This can stand in the doorway for a nice welcome to anyone in the home or office. All your guests will talk about unique build of this live topiary plant. Beautifully cultivated to thrive indoors and outdoors. The gleam will make a handsome addition to a beautifully decorated entry.


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Live Ivy Double & Triple Ball Christmas Topiary

Live Ball Christmas Topiary (single ball, double & triple ball) for home, office or business.  Our live double and triple Ivy Christmas topiary will light up every area of your home and office. Gift giving is a difficult process, especially when it comes to a boss or coworker. Using one of these Christmas topiaries will leave a long lasting beauty to their office, or home. You may even start a trend using the topiaries as gifts and hopefully the office will adapt some green life into the office. It has been shown in research that those with greenery in their offices are happier people.


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Live ivy Mossed Reindeer Topiary

Live ivy mossed reindeer topiary for home, office or business.  Our live ivy mossed reindeer topiary for Christmas decorating are the cutest way to make your home holiday friendly. This reindeer is a sweet, living addition to your holiday decor. These little reindeer are easy to manage, yet cute enough to keep coming back year after year. Planted with natural moss and our Signature Ivy. Like other ivy products, it thrives in bright, indirect sunlight, so you can keep it indoors near a south- or west-facing window. If no window is available, ivies are hearty plants, and respond well to artificial light conditions.

This topiary can live outside, though a cool environment is ideal. Keep indoors during seasons of extreme heat or cold, and avoid temperatures above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, especially if the air is dry. For longer-term care, let the soil dry slightly between watering, and water less in winter. Rinse the foliage regularly to help prevent insect infestations, and keep the leaves looking fresh.


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