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We have everything you need when it comes to topiary trees and topiary plants! Whether you are looking for live topiary trees, or artificial topiary plants we have got you covered. We also carry many popular topiary accessories including topiary forms and other topiary supplies to keep your topiaries looking their best. Order online today to get the best prices that you will find online, and our quality is always top notch!

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Adorn your patio with our animal plants. Large minimnum order applies per our nursery shipping requirements.


Topiary Animal Availability List - READY TO SHIP animal topiaries in moss, frame or lighted. Explore our A to Z list on our animal topiaries that we can ship out. WE CAN SHIP WORLDWIDE.

Artificial Topiary Trees

A Quick Argument for Putting Artificial Topiary in Your Environments

While we love to talk about the environmental advantages of having even a single piece of topiary in an environment, the fact is not everyone has a green thumb and not many have the desire or time to care for a plant. But we also believe that even in those instances, the addition of topiary can add to the comfort and atmosphere of any room. It's why many businesses who do not necessarily have the resources to manage plant life will sprinkle their workspaces with artificial topiary.

Tech Behind Artificial Topiary Plants

The days of that phony look you once got with faux topiary have gone the way of the VCR and disco. Technology can create quite a realistic piece of topiary, the truth visible only to an up-close expectation, or by the eye of an expert or hobbyist that can see the difference right off. 

With lifelike topiary, you can brighten up any room simply by putting the artificial topiary plant in the right place. There's no waiting for the plant to grow. As they're practically maintenance free, you can continue managing a busy lifestyle without ever coming home and finding it dead.

Managing Your Faux Plant

There are a few things you can do to make your faux topiary look even more real.

  • Shapes, size, and placement go a long way. Tall plants, sculpted shapes, esoteric arrangements, setting on the right tabletop or mantle. Remember, these plants will not need the care of their real counterparts so you can go long in choosing the type of fake topiary. You can even go with artificial outdoor topiary.
  • Dust is the bane of any environment, but it can make faux topiary look unreal. If you dust regularly, it will maintain its look. If you let layers of grime grow, you'll have to wash the topiary down. Tip the plant to the side and let the water wash away. Dry fake topiary out of sunlight. Otherwise, you'll get spots.
  • The more real you want faux topiary to look, the more you should look for imperfections. Plants are beautiful, but they grow in erratic directions. Buy fakes that mimic nature. You can even cut and bend to create lifelike arrangements.
  • Settings go along to create the appearance you want. Consider keeping your lifelike topiary in dirt, rocks or fake moss. It will add to the organic look you want.
  • If you hope to maintain the illusion, don't leave faux topiary where you wouldn't place a real plant. Many owners absently put fake plants where a real plant would die inside of a week.

One last aspect you need to consider when getting fake topiary is where you buy them. While you can certainly grab one at the lower superstore or home improvement spot, your best bet is an outlet for quality topiary trees, plants, and products. With a background in topiary, they will have a variety of ideas for how to select fake plants that will enhance all your environment.


Explore our Preserved Topiaries that are lifelike and in fact, these are really topiaries that have been preserved for many years to come with no maintenance! Preserved topiary trees were live topiaries and they have been preserved to keep the live topiary appearance and protecting them from dying. Topiary and Landscape Value Overview Landscaping techniques and features such as our live and artificial topiary trees go beyond beautifying an outdoor space. Adding quality features to the lawn of a home or business has the potential to raise its value, provide functional shade for events, and extend the atmosphere of living or working spaces outdoors. Adding live trees and shrubbery also makes positive contributions to the environment by providing shelter for wildlife which can add to your outdoor experience. The value and appeal of the face of your home or business flourish with the right touch of greenery.  With many types and shapes of topiaries available, there are plenty of options for living greenery that can enhance your landscape design. Simple vertical topiaries create focal lines in landscape schemes dominated by horizontal features. Ball topiaries add fun and whimsy to yards and gardens, especially in the two- or three-ball fashioned lemon ball topiaries. Less traditional topiary designs such as wreaths and baskets are sure to become conversational art against your other shrubs, flowers, and garden features. Family gatherings, dinner parties or other social functions benefit from careful landscape planning and design featuring intriguing and charming live or artificial elements from our collection of topiaries.

Real Topiary Trees that grow in a garden. We offer real topiary plants to sustain and grow in all Zones around the United States. Shop quality Real Topiary Trees including Ball, Pom Pon, Cone & Spiral to make your home beautiful. Huge Range – Fast Shipping – Low Prices. Buy Now!

Outdoor Topiary

We have a wide variety of choices for Outdoor Topiary Plants and  Real Trees to transform any garden or outdoor living space. They are a beautiful, low-maintenance way to add beauty and shape to your landscaping.

Mossed Animal Topiary Forms

When working on your landscape design you should consider using different types of moss  animal topiary  forms. Our most populare are dog animal topiaries.

Lighted Wired Animal Topiary

We offer the largest and elegant inventory of Lighted Wired Animal Topiary on the internet. Our lighted topiary forms are awe struck in the eyes of the beholder and a great addition to any garden.


Our Yorkie's, Westie's, Scotties, Schnauzer's, Pug's, Poodle's, and Jack Russell’s to name a few. All of our wired animal frames look great in the front or backyard, decorated with white led lights.

These beautiful creations can be part of a yard scene containing one or more of our wired animals with our topiary artificial trees. Pairing up a set or wired Yorkie’s a Pug and a Corgi with one of our 88 inch birdhouses, adding our faux boxwood double ball topiary trees and maybe a few of our topiary balls can create a magnificent front or backyard scene.

The Poodle wired frame includes 17 inches of clear miniature white lights and is 17 inches X 18 inches X 9 inches. The Poodle wired frame even includes the iconic Poodle pom-pom tail. The Poodle frame is available mossed as well as light up black topiary framed, or the simple black topiary frame.

Our Yorkie wired frame is 15 inch X 17 inch X 9 inch, included are 15 inches of lights. The diversity of our wired frames allows them to easily be customized for any occasion. For example, the Corgi wired frame has 17 inches of lighting included with its 17 inch X 28 inch X 9 inch dimensions. The Corgi frame is mossed with Sphagnum moss, which gives it that elegant regal look, but with the powder coated wires when lite really makes this a great piece of art.

Frame Animal Topiary

We offier the largest and elegant inventory of Framed Animal Topiary Forms on the internet. Our wired animal topiaries and wired lighted topiaries are awe struck in the eyes of the beholder and a great addition to any garden.


We make custom made topiary forms on demand per your specifications. Please allow us time to make the topiary. Call to inquire about your custom topiary needs.

Explore our showroom of commercial size topiaries. All of our extra large topiaries are handmade. Each one is a project with engineering specs to fit your design themes. Call us today for your next topiary.

Topiary Supplies

Taking care of your topiaires from time to time is recommended so you can restore its original beauty. We carry supplies to re-purpose your topiaires.

Topiary Walls

Get discount fresh topiary and save now on Topiary Walls. View our huge selection of cone, ball, and spiral shaped topiaries. Create a natural and stylish atmosphere anywhere


Topiary Animal Forms

We are known for our flagship display of topiary animals. We also carry animal topiary frames, wired topiary,  and lighted topiary animal forms to decorate your garden year around. We also carry topiary supplies so you can restore the natural beauty of your topiary. We can ship to the USA, CANADA & EUROPE. 

For those who do not want the simplicity of simple topiary plants, there are topiary animal forms that will turn your backyard into a live topiary. There are several different types of topiary animal forms to fit your liking. There are elephants, horses, and dog designs. These animal forms are really something special. They are a good way of modifying an existing topiary. Many people would prefer the simple flat installations, but if you sprinkle some animal forms throughout the decoration, the place really starts to get exciting. These forms can turn your bland topiary into a vibrant decoration.

When crafting animal topiaries, it is smart to pick vines and plants with thick foliage. These take up empty frame spaces and create solid matte shapes. Boxwood shrubs and Japanese holly are just a few examples of plants that would work well. If you’re working on a smaller scale, there are herbs that create stunning and functional animal topiaries. By choosing herbs like rosemary, thyme, and lavender to put into your topiary, you can bring a fragrant aroma to the atmosphere and thick foliage to the style. Besides being tough on the outdoor elements, these herbs offer colorful flowers that really brighten up the interior decor. Ivy vines make creating sophisticated topiaries quite simple. You can take the vines and wind them around the forms. Ivy vines are easy to trim as well. Animal topiaries make any space interesting. Unveiling the best topiary forms will result in beautiful nooks in your house that can be shown off in gardens or another special place.

Accent Your Garden with Dogs, Wildlife Animals & More. Explore our life like garden animlas for your garden. We have dogs reptiles, wildlife, birds and farm animals to choose . Liven up your landscape with garden animals with dogs, farm animals, reptiles, exotic birds and zoo animals.  If you're a dog lover, I am sure we have what you want. We are the source for Garden Animal Topiary.

These best friends can brighten any corner of your topiary when you position them just right. If you want to recreate that childhood memory aTt home, take a look at our zoo animals for the garden.If you've ever lived on a farm or simply wished for that privilege, you can still have that experience with farm animals for the garden. There's no messy cleanups with these animals or fans of birds will swoon at the opportunity to own a peregrine falcon, heron or cockatoo. 

Our Recommended Resources for Gardeners & Gardening with Topiaires and Animal Forms to make a beautiful garden.

How to care for your Topiary?: Explore our Care Instructions for Live Topiary Plants & Trees so they will last a long time in your home or office. 

Tree & Plant Hardiness Zones | USDA Hardiness Zone Maps. Follow the link below and input your ZIP Code to see what your hardiness zone is for plants and trees to survive.


Check out some of our new topiary plants to liven up your yard, we carry the best live and outdoor topiaries at the best prices you will find online!

Terracotta Pots

Offering the largest online selection of terracotta pots to showcase topiaries for indoor or outdoor display that can sustain freezing or frost temperatures. Our topiary planters come in basket weave pots, gothic urns, windsor urns, and more with an upscale look!

We specialize in planters for topiaries. We remove the mystery to find planters for your topiaries.  Shop online hassle free.

Live Topiaries

Our live topiary vendor is requiring a minimum order value of $200.00 for topiaries in this part of the website. As a result, we have taken these products off the website for ordering. If you have a need to purchase the minimum order value of $400.00 or more, please call us and we will be happy to process your order. We have no control over this requirement. Thank you!

We offer an array of organic live topiaries to choose from to find the perfect topiary tree plant for any occasion or scenery.  Live Topiaries differ from any other living plants, topiary plants allow for an extremely artistic touch and provide for beauty in an unexpected way that comes as a surprise to many. Live topiary trees are considered a niche art form in and of themselves. Creativity is fully expressed through these natural and living works of art, that can be easily brought to display and enjoy conveniently.

When looking for something new to add to your home decor, consider a live topiary tree. Most people think of live topiaries as part of a high maintenance garden. While there are some beautiful gardens in existence, it is also possible to grow a petite plant for indoor decoration. Rather than starting from scratch to grow one of these artistic creations you can simply purchase a completed plant.

Our topiaies at times go out of Season. These our topiairies are currently of Season and will be back later when they can ship.

Outdoor Live Flowers to plant with your topiaries!

Need really tall topiary trees like 17 to 26 feet tall for your next project. Well, we are here to help. Call us for your tall topiary trees, especially if you need these trees to endure winter months too.

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