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Topiary Tree Supplies

Topiary Tree Supplies: Shop quality Topiary Supplies to take care of your live & artificial topiary trees. Huge Range – Fast Shipping – Low Prices. Buy Now! 

The art of topiary is a classic and sophisticated way to add interest to your garden decor. The choices are almost endless. We offer live and artificial topiary in a variety of styles that let you personalize your indoor or outdoor spaces. 

Whether you choose one of our stock, artificial topiary designs or design your own living, custom topiary, it will require occasional maintenance. We keep a full line of maintenance products in stock that will make sure your topiary is always an impressive part of your decor. 

Moss and Moss Spray 

Moss is the natural substance used to cover a topiary frame. The frames, or forms, are shaped in wire, and the moss fills in and covers the frame. 

A frame covered with moss is complete, and many people love the look of its even, fresh, allover green. If you want to go a step further, the moss can serve as a base for flowers or other plantings. For example, you might add white flowers to the tusks of an elephant, or a red coat across the back of one of our cute dog topiary forms. 

• Natural Moss. This, as the name suggests, is moss filler in its natural form. Its color will be a mix of browns and greens, just as it grows in nature. We sell natural moss in bales that will fill a form that is about 3 feet long and 10 inches in diameter. This is a nice size to keep on hand for ongoing maintenance of your garden sculptures. 

• Moss Green Spray. This is a spray-on liquid that adds a vibrant green color to your topiary moss. If you like natural moss but don’t like the uneven coloring you get with it, you can use Moss Green Spray to even out the color. 

Besides adding color, Moss Green Spray also helps hydrate and aerate the moss. This keeps the color fresh and helps any added plantings to thrive. 

We offer small spray bottles and large jugs of Moss Green Spray to suit your purposes. Many people like to give their topiary an allover treatment when it is new to standardize the color. They can then keep a small bottle on hand for the occasional touchup. 

• Evergreen Moss. Evergreen Moss is our Natural Moss that has already been treated with Moss Green Spray. It will be an even, lovely green when it arrives, with none of the green and brown variations of our Natural Moss. 

We offer Evergreen Moss in bales and bags. Each bale is 5.5 cubic feet, which will fill a form that is about 5 feet long and about 10 inches in diameter. A bag of loose moss holds 2 cubic feet. 

Whether you use Natural Moss that you leave in its natural state, Natural Moss that you spray with Moss Green Spray, or Evergreen Moss that is pretreated is a matter of personal preference. 

If you plan to cover your mossed topiaries with colorful plantings, the moss may not show through. In this case, it makes sense to use the Natural Moss. If you like the look of the classic green sculpture, you will probably want the even coloring you get from combining the Natural Moss with the Moss Green Spray or the Evergreen Moss. 

Even if you decide to go with the Evergreen Moss, you will want to keep some Moss Green Spray on hand to occasionally revitalize the color. 

• Faux Moss. We offer a few faux moss products that you can use where natural moss might not be a good fit. Many people like our faux moss mats that have a natural look but can stand up to heavy use. They can even be used in aquariums to give the underwater neighborhood its own little patch of ground. 

Another option is a faux moss ball. These are available in different sizes. A small ball in an attractive pot makes a nice indoor table decoration. A larger ball in an outdoor planter is a great accent for the front walk. 

Easy Topiary Maintenance 

Topiary art is an eye-catching addition to your indoor or outdoor decor. You will need to do a bit of maintenance from time-to-time, but it isn’t difficult. 

A good wash is perhaps the easiest way to revive worn looking topiary. Moss, leaves, and flowers collect dust that can dull their color. Dust can also block the air, sun, and water that the plant matter needs to thrive. You can give your indoor sculptures a few spritzes with a water bottle and wash down your outdoor installations with the garden hose to keep them all shiny and fresh. 

Topiary also needs to be pruned occasionally to keep its shape. You don’t want to lose the effect of the sculpture by letting it become overgrown. How often you will need to prune depends on the shape of the form and the plantings you have chosen. 

A tree with a moss ball will quickly lose its perfectly rounded shape if it’s allowed to grow without training. A topiary dog, on the other hand, may just become slightly more shaggy if you neglect it a little too long. 

Lights to Accent Your Topiary Sculpture 

Once you have a fresh, clean, perfectly trimmed topiary, there’s no better way to accent it than to add lights. If you’re having a social get-together or holiday party, nothing adds a bit of glamorous sparkle like a lighted topiary sculpture. 

Small indoor topiaries can serve as centerpieces or side table accents. They also make beautiful night-lights when they’re tucked in the corner of the guest powder room. 

Lighted outdoor sculptures are an elegant way to welcome guests as they arrive at your home. They can provide subtle lighting at a gate or entryway and add a touch of whimsy to the atmosphere. 

We recommend our G7 Mini Lights for your topiary. We offer light strings with either 50 or 100 bulbs that can be used alone or in combination for any size form. 

Artificial topiary and animal forms maintenance free, but at times during the life of your topiary, you may want to revitalize your tired looking topiary. All that is needed is the correct topiary supplies. To revitalize and repurpose your artificial topiary, but we also carry supplies to the same thing to repurpose your live topiary to look new. We carry several solutions to revitalize and refurbish the plant. Add lights with our G7Mini Lights. We carry them in the fifty or one hundred bulb packs. Lighting is a significant way to enhance the look of the topiaries in their outdoor applications. Unlike artificial topiary, live trees cannot be readily changed. Lights provide that opportunity. In addition, lights allow the elegance that is enjoyed in the daylight to be displayed and enhanced during the night hours. This can add a wonderful touch to outdoor events and entertaining friends in the evenings.

Our other floral topiary supplies and standard topiary supplies include Moss Green in the 4-liter refill container and in the half liter spray bottle. This solution helps to retain the properties of the green moss that have been lost to the elements. It revitalizes the color and structure of the moss. This improves the water retention and the mulching qualities. We provide the moss in one pound bags of the highest quality fill moss available.

Beyond this, there are other maintenance tasks that can revitalize the look and help the health of the live topiaries. First, wash the topiary. This means that a wash can restore their glossy look. This will also enhance the effect of the lights. In addition, plants manufacture their food through leaves. Washing grime from the plants will aid in their vitality. The outdoor plants will be greatly affected by wind and growth from the changing seasons. This means that the plants will need periodic re-shaping and light pruning. Plants that are in pots should have soil and nutrients added periodically also. However, the plant material used to grow these plants are very hardy. They require minimum maintenance in relation to some other plants. The benefit of adding the elegance of live topiaries to any setting is well worth the minimal care needed to have these plants thrive.

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Evergreen Moss Green Bale,46 Pounds, 5.5 Cubic Feet

Our evergreen moss bale is ideal to moss your own topiary frame or to refresh your existing topiary for a new look. This is our natural moss sprayed with our evergreen moss.

Price: $360.00
Evergreen Moss Green in a Bag, 2 Cubic Feet

Our 2 cubic feet bag evergreen moss (in a bag( is ideal to moss your own topiary frame or to refresh your existing topiary for a new look. This is our natural moss sprayed with our evergreen moss.

Price: $31.00
Moss Green 4L

Topiary Supplies, G7Moss Green 4L to refresh your topiary for a new look with Sphagnum moss spray

Price: $36.00
Moss Green Spray 500ML

Get our Sphagnum Moss Spray to Refresh Moss Topiaires today.Revive your most dull looking moss with this 500 ml bottle of moss green spray. Also available for purchase is the 4L bottle of moss spray. 

Price: $22.00
Natural Moss Green Bale, 28 Pounds, 3.25 Cubic Feet

Our natural moss bale is ideal to moss your own topiary frame or to refresh your existing topiary for a new look. 

Price: $205.00
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