The Benefits of Galvanizing a Topiary Frame Are Endless!

Reasons for Hot Dip Galvanizing Topiary Metal Frames

Coating Durability for the Metal, Corrosion Performance for the Lifecycle of the topiary to last decades and turnaround times are quick!!


How long will a Topiary Metal Frame after going through the galvanizing process? Decades!!

What is Hot Dip Galvanizing (HDG)? The process of dipping fabricated steel into a kettle or vat containing molten zinc. Provides a distinct advantage over other corrosion metal protection methods. While the steel is in the kettle, the iron in the steel metallurgically reacts with the molten zinc to form a tight bond alloy coating. Browse an example of a live topiary metal frame being hot dipped in the kettle for galvanizing.

Why Galvanizing the Metal Frame? Whether an artful sculpture glinting under the sun or a sturdy bridge arcing over the waves of a rushing river, galvanized structures can be seen standing strong and corrosion-free across the continent. For more than 100 years hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) has been a mainstay of the North American industry. 

What is the TRUE Cost of Galvanized Steel? Many have the perception hot-dip galvanized steel is cost prohibitive on an initial cost basis in comparison to other forms of corrosion protection.  While other corrosion protection systems, such as paint and powder-coating, have seen cost increases of 100% or more. And to add salt to the wound, these other protective systems require maintenance on a more frequent basis, increasing the life-cycle costs. 

ZINC is the main component of Galvanizing Steel. The silver, blue-gray vital metal is abundant, essential, and recyclable.

Is Galvanzing Metal Sustainabe? Utilizing hot-dip galvanized steel ensures fewer natural resources are consumed, fewer emissions are output, and less money is spent over the life of a project.

The best resource for Hot Dip Galvanizing is the American Galvanizer Association

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