Wire Frames Considerations for Topiaries

Our wire frames are made from quality materials and are custom-built frames per your specifications to create your imaginative designs. Our talented and creative artists can build a metal frame designed to meet your needs in about two to three weeks. It doesn’t matter whether you have formal landscaping or cottage gardening, our artists can help bring your ideas to life. Our economical topiary forms are easy for almost any home gardener or landscaping professional to use. Shipping fees for topiaries depend on a variety of factors including the size of the form as well as location. 

Our wire topiary frames are designed to make it easy to train densely-leafed plants and help them hold their shapes as they grow. Occasional trimming, a good location, enough sun, warmth, and proper watering will keep them thriving and help elevate a mundane garden into something special and beautiful. During winter, custom-made topiaries can be moved to a greenhouse or other location that will protect them from frost and help keep tender leaves and vines from dying back. After the last frost, they can resume their posts outdoors for the next growing season. Whether a garden is formal or informal, custom topiaries offer a striking focal point that complements their setting and is guaranteed to impress guests. Affordable, easy-to-use topiary forms make it simple to get them set up, while custom topiary forms offer homeowners, gardeners, and designers unprecedented flexibility when it comes to creating eye-catching, one-of-a-kind shapes.

We use larger-size rods for supporting shapes and smaller-size rods for contour shapes and details. The size of the steel rod is determined by the structural needs of the topiary frame. Smaller topiary frames will often have a mixture of 3/16” and 1/8” steel rods. Larger topiary frames will have 1/4”-3/8” rods and an internal steel tube supporting structure. 

Why we have quality products?

1) We use steel metal on our topiary frames. A distinction for sure is that there is no actual wire used in the topiaries except for chicken wire. All the frames are made with steel rod which is much stronger than a wire of the same gauge thickness. 

The size of the gauge depends on the design. Below are some guidelines on the gauge metal we use.

  • The smaller deer all have 3/16
  • Larger deer on rock is 1/4, 3/16 and 1/8”
  • Small rabbits are all 1/8”
  • Large rabbit is all 1/4” and some 1/8”
  • Bees/butterflies are all 1/8”
  • Poles are 1/4” and some 3/8”

2) Our finish on the metal protects against natural rust. It is sealed with an oil. 

  • Enamel
  • Galvanized (best choice to prevent the metal from rust)
  • Powder Coat (offers many color selections)

3) Our orders are all Hand Made in the USA.

4) No 2 toparies are the same unless we have a CNC process.

For the larger topiaries, we add internal tubing strength the frame to support moss, plants and longevity for the topiary.

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