Artificial Topiary

Artificial Topiary Trees, Shrubs and Plants

See us for the biggest selection of high-quality Artificial Topiary Trees. Forget the hassles of tree care with our eye-catching trees, shrubs, potted plants, and hedges.

We have wall hangings and potted plants too. Our lifelike topiaries are perfect for the busy homeowner or renter who works and does not have time to spend time working with live plants.

Imperfections are added to make our plants look even more authentic. Add to their authenticity by planting them in soil or rocks or top them with moss or other covering that appears to be living and growing.

Not everyone has a green thumb. Paying a professional for live tree care can get expensive in the commercial or home environment. Take a look at our plants and planters for the landscape or for your common areas outside. Try our potted products on a deck or patio.

Indoor Accessories

You may even choose a palm tree as part of your décor inside. Imagine, not watering or feeding or worrying about pests. And the good news is that nobody can tell its an artificial tree. Only close inspection by a professional will reveal that trees are not real.

New Developments in Faux Topiary

Gone are the days of the phony look you once got with a faux topiary. This is far more than another plastic plant. Today’s technology allows the creation of authentic appearing greenery for use both indoors and out. Experts create a real piece of topiary, without the upkeep of regular pruning and other care necessary for live plants.

Use them in any room from the kitchen to the den, matching any furniture type. Choose the right location to compliment your décor. No waiting for growth, our topiary plants are fully formed and low-maintenance.

Add shape and form to outdoor areas, increasing curb appeal. No pruning is needed. Your topiary stays in perfect condition.

Caring for topiaries is simple too. The only thing you need to do inside is to remove the dust that accumulates when you do your regular dusting. If you’ve missed it a few times and the dust is thick, take the tree outside and spray it with the water hose.

Brighten up any room with a few of our pieces. Select a wall hanging to go over the fireplace, potted plants for a table, or standing specimens for the foyer. Take a look outside to see what areas in your landscape would benefit from a groomed topiary specimen.

Use a faux topiary in combination with live specimens outside. Nobody will ever know from the appearance but be prepared for questions about your pruning skills and how you manage the perfect upkeep.

How to Locate the Best Faux Topiaries

Don’t expect all false plants to live up to our excellent standards. When you’re ready to add fabricated plants to your home, outdoors, or office, order from us. You’ll see imitative plants in big box stores and even home improvement outlets, but they won’t be the same high quality we offer. The best faux topiaries are hard to find that look real. We offer preserved topiaries that are lifelike, but they are preserved live topiaries. So, they appear faux, but they are not. However, you get the same value as faux topiary as you have no maintenance to keep and own a topiary.

An Argument for Putting Artificial Topiary in Your Environments

While we love to talk about the environmental advantages of having even a single piece of topiary in an environment, the fact is not everyone has a green thumb and not many have the desire or time to care for a plant. But we also believe that even in those instances, the addition of a topiary can add to the comfort and atmosphere of any room. It’s why many businesses that do not necessarily have the resources to manage plant life will sprinkle their workspaces with artificial topiary.

What is Behind Artificial Topiary Plants?

The days of that phony look you once got with faux topiary have gone the way of the VCR and disco. Technology can create quite a realistic piece of topiary, the truth visible only to an up-close expectation, or by the eye of an expert or hobbyist that can see the difference right off. 

With lifelike topiary, you can brighten up any room simply by putting the artificial topiary plant in the right place. There’s no waiting for the plant to grow. As they’re practically maintenance-free, you can continue managing a busy lifestyle without ever coming home and finding it dead.

Are You Ready for an Artificial Topiary?

There are a few things you can do to make your faux topiary look even more real.

  • Shapes, size, and placement go a long way. Tall plants, sculpted shapes, esoteric arrangements, set on the right tabletop or mantle. Remember, these plants will not need the care of their real counterparts so you can go long in choosing the type of fake topiary. You can even go with artificial outdoor topiary.
  • Dust is the bane of any environment, but it can make faux topiary look unreal. If you dust regularly, it will maintain its look. If you let layers of grime grow, you’ll have to wash the topiary down. Tip the plant to the side and let the water wash away. Dry fake topiary out of sunlight. Otherwise, you’ll get spots.
  • The more real you want faux topiary to look, the more you should look for imperfections. Plants are beautiful, but they grow in erratic directions. Buy fakes that mimic nature. You can even cut and bend to create lifelike arrangements.
  • Settings go along to create the appearance you want. Consider keeping your lifelike topiary in the dirt, rocks, or fake moss. It will add to the organic look you want.
  • Most artifical topiary trees look real when you opt for the outdoor foliage. The outdoor foliage carries the illusion to look real as the materials is higher quality than just the plastic faux tree.

One last aspect you need to consider when getting a fake topiary is where you buy them. While you can certainly grab one at the lower superstore or home improvement spot, your best bet is an outlet for quality topiary trees, plants, and products. With a background in topiary, they will have a variety of ideas for how to select fake plants that will enhance all your environment.

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