Have You Considered Topiary Gardening?

When you’re looking for an attractive, long-lasting style for your home, business, or garden area, consider the beauty of topiary plants. These bring an immediate sense of timeless style and relaxing beauty to any area you’d like to place them. You don’t need to worry about the care of topiaries, because we can provide the tools and advice you need to get started. It won’t be as hard as you think to maintain your new topiaries and enjoy them for a long time to come.  Some of the styles that we have available include: 

  • Cone topiaries: the classic look of the carefully manicured topiary that is recognized throughout the world
  • Boxwood cone topiaries: this tree is a particularly useful kind for topiary styles
  • A ball topiary: with flowers or without, they come in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs
  • Artificial topiary trees: easily cared for, easily enjoyed
  • Topiary in a potted form: a topiary in a pot can be moved to other locations for added variety in decor, whether used inside or out

Advantages of Topiaries
Advantages of topiaries vary from owner to owner. For some, the classical beauty of these plants is calming and provides a balanced and peaceful decor for their property. For others, trimming and shaping the topiaries provides an interesting hobby that encourages patience and attention to detail. Some prefer artificial topiaries that require very little care. 

Indoor Uses – Highly Recommend Preserved Topiary
Indoor topiaries can provide the beauty of nature where the color and shape of the plant adds a special addition to the decor of a room. Using live plants adds the health benefits of living vegetation to the indoors. Using artificial ones provides easy-care beauty. 

Outdoor Topiary
Using a variety of outdoor topiaries is an excellent way to develop a balanced and striking visual approach to any building entrance. They frame gardens, provide privacy, and add detail to bare walls or walkways. Any kind of topiary will serve outdoors. 

Live Topiaries
Live topiaries stand at attention anywhere they are needed. They provide the calming sense of a well-controlled environment. They can be shaped and reshaped according to tastes. Their natural beauty helps filter the air while adding emphasis on the views around a property. 

Artificial Topiaries
The true advantage of an artificial topiary is that it takes little care. Whether used indoors or outside, they provide long-lasting, dependable style. Artificial topiaries are as beautiful as the natural varieties. They maintain their carefully constructed shapes so that you can enjoy them without worry. 

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Visit us today online or in person to see what we have to offer in topiaries. We will happily discuss your needs and show you the variety of live and artificial plants that we maintain. Our selection is extensive, and we’ll help you find the right choices for your needs.

Add a Lifelike Topiary Animal to the Garden Such as a Horse

Horse, 72 inch  (Mossed) 72 inch  x 81 inch  x 19 inch
Life Size Horse Topiary

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