7 Expert Topiary Tips and Tricks

We’ve all seen images of beautiful topiary that adorn the lawns of upscale hotels, mansions, and other places of prominence. If you’ve always wanted to have your own topiary display to beautify your garden we’re here to offer guidance. We’ve assembled 7 expert tips and tricks to help greatly improve the aesthetic of your garden.

1) Know the purpose before choosing the plant

There are several factors you need to keep in mind to achieve your desired topiary display:           

  • Desired result
  • Purpose
  • Length of time

Are you looking for a seasonal display, or do you wish to add a permanent topiary fixture to your garden? For example, the boxed leafed privet is a compact evergreen shrub that’s ideally suited for long-lasting topiary displays. Ball  shapes are very popular. They’re also perfectly suited for use with wireframes because they can be easily woven into place. Understanding the purpose, length of time, and desired result of your topiary will allow you to pick the right plant for the job.

2) Purchase Prearranged topiary

If you’re not interested in designing topiary yourself, you can simply purchase a topiary plant from stock shapes. Topiary Tree has a massive selection of stock shapes and live topiary too. Simply purchase the shape you prefer and place it in the ideal space in your garden.

3) Always be aware that time will play the biggest role

When it comes to live topiary, time will always play the biggest role. Simply put, it takes time for your plants to mature. Therefore, don’t expect a work of art to spring to life overnight. It will take time for your plant to mature and it will eventually begin to take shape as the seasons come and go.

4) Trim your topiary regularly

There are multiple reasons why you should trim your topiary. For one, allowing your topiary to grow out of control will take away from the overall presentation. Just think of it as giving your plants a proper haircut!

In addition, it’s always a good idea to ensure your topiary has sufficient air circulation. Thinning out thick foliage will allow air and light to reach the body of the plant which will improve its overall health.

5) Tips for working with foliage with smaller leaves 

If you have plants in your garden that are dense, with small leaves, then there are a few simple shapes you can start with to transform them into beautiful works of art. Pyramids and ball shapes often work for this particular plant type. Don’t worry if you have no clue how to begin cutting your plants into a specific shape.

You can easily purchase metal wire topiary frames to help guide the process. Simply place the frame around the plant and trim around it. As the plant continues to grow, trim it on a regular basis so that it retains its unique shape. With that being said, leave around 3 – 5cm of growth to allow the plant to fill in.

6) Repot the plant every couple of years

To ensure your topiary stays nice and healthy, remove the plant from its current plot and place it within another pot with fresh soil. In instances where repotting isn’t an option, lift the plant and use a knife to carefully remove some of the roots and soil from the root ball.

7) Care for your topiary no matter what type of plant you use 

There are many types of plants to choose from to create your topiary display. Some of the more popular plants include Hall trees, English ivy, Sweet Bay and much more. No matter what you decide to choose, you’ll need to care for your topiary properly to ensure its longevity.

Though each topiary may have its own nuances when it comes to proper care, ensure that all of your plants have deep, fertile soil in a partially shaded area in your garden to ensure they thrive. 


Caring for your topiary can be hard work. However, employing the right tips and tricks will make your efforts much easier to manage. If you’re interested in beautifying your garden with topiary turn to Topiary Tree.

They have a wide variety of topiary that’s suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Furthermore, they offer care instructions to help you care for your live topiary plants, and they provide supplies perfectly suited for your topiary needs. Contact Topiary Tree today to begin transforming your garden!

Featured Image Credit: BroadspringPam / Pixabay

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