Live Topiary Plants: Ready to Ship

Bringing live elements from the outdoors into your home is a great way to enhance your decor, create visual interest, and help clean the air in the room. Adding a Fresh Topiary to an area creates a breathing piece of art that will make every onlooker crack an envious smile. When you introduce a Live Ivy Topiary to a room, you are opening the doors to a world of twining and greenery that will take your decor to a whole new level.

This variation of Live Topiary Plants is artfully crafted into the shape of a basket with the greenery forming the body of the basket and winding up and over the handle. A white ribbon winds around the handle as it intertwines with the branches of the Live Ivy Topiary. This ribbon is fashioned at the sides of the basket with large multi-looped bows that are hand made. Adorning the center of the basket is a collection of silk roses with a bright pink color for the ultimate in a pop of color against the beautiful dark green Live Ivy Topiary.

This type of Live Topiary Plants prefers to be kept in moist but not wet soil conditions. It is important to allow the plant to dry out somewhat between waterings, while avoiding allowing the soil to dry completely, which can damage the root system and leaves of the Live Ivy Topiary. Drain off any access water in drip trays or catchers to ensure moisture control. Checking the soil condition daily is a must for hanging plants as they dry out quicker than a table plant due to their location in the rooms thermal heat levels.

Fresh Topiary prefers to be kept in very sunny locations that are protected from the harmful rays of direct sunlight. The temperatures that are best for growing a Live Ivy Topiary are between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. To maintain the shape of your Live Ivy Topiary it will be necessary to prune the branches and coax new growth to follow the design of the basket.

There are a number of added elements to this naturally beautiful Live Ivy Topiary that enhance the delicate look of this hanging basket. The white ribbon that adorns the basket handle gives definition and added visual contrast to the delicate vines that wrap around it. The large hand-made bows add to the proportion of the entire basket, counter balancing the bounty of silk roses bedding in the center of the basket.

It is hard to believe that all of this comes in a Live Ivy Topiary that weighs only 5.5 pounds and comes in a compact 5.5″ container. Small enough to fit nearly anywhere, and big enough to make a huge impact in your room or office design.

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