How to Know When You are Over Watering Your Ivy Plants?

Not sure about you, but I do not have a green thumb and seek for guidance when I can that is helpful. Here, we share a valuable tip on how to know when you are over watering your plants with visual pictures to show clues if you you decide to own a plant and keep it for indoor display. Who want to see your plant not live a happy life?

As pictured, These plants are clearly over watered shown below.

When a plant does not have a chance to become somewhat dry and the soil is always saturated it literally drowns the root system, it is unable to breath. Once the roots are saturated to that extent, they are not able to take in oxygen and the root system begins to rot. Once the roots are damaged, the vines are unable to draw up moisture and at that point begin to dry and wither. It is like trying to draw fluid through a straw that is submerged in liquid but completely collapsed and bent.

Suggest to lighten up on the watering of the second plant. I can see signs of it failing as well – the yellow and very pale leaves are an indication of too much water. Another thing that I notice is that the space where she has the plant appears dark, ivy needs a lot of bright light in order to survive indoors for a prolonged period of time. Explore more details on how to care for live ivy topiary plants.

example of an over watered plant this is what a ferm plant looks like from being over watered this is what a fern plant should look like

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