Angel Vine Live Topiary Plants

Give the gift of ever growing love to all of your special people with Angel Vine Live Topiary Plants. This delicate climbing Live Ivy Topiary is artistically trained to follow the outline of a heart shaped form. Enhanced with light greens and blooming roses, this Live Ivy Topiary will be the delight of any recipient and will look great on any desk, shelf, or table.

Additions such as silk flowers, artificial fauna, and colorful corresponding ribbon add a pop of color and daintiness to the bounty of tiny leaves of this beautiful ivy. Small flowers attached to the upper curve of the heart form give the perfect balance to the matching flowers in the base.

Nestled in with the flowers, the light green foliage is beautifully contrasted by the colorful ribbon adorning the edge of the 4.25″ Fresh Topiary pot.

These arrangements are lovingly planted into sturdy plastic pots that somewhat resemble a large coffee cup without a handle. Each pot is created individually and contains random patterns and shapes in the design which stands 12“tall artificial trees.

Caring for a Live Ivy Topiary is relatively easy. The vines of this plant are relatively tough and branch like. As the plant ages, it becomes necessary to prune and remove the branches which are either dead or not conforming to the shape of the structure. Placing this Live Ivy Topiary on a desk or table where it will receive indirect sunlight will deliver the best growing results from this Live Ivy Topiary. Water this vine regularly to keep the soil evenly moist but not saturated. This type of Ivy thrives in temperatures between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

This beautiful piece of living art in the form of a Fresh Topiary can be further enhanced with such things as a Terracotta pot or having a Mylar wrapping around the base. If you prefer the weight and look of Terracotta, this Live Ivy Topiary is available to consumers in a 4.25″ Terracotta pot for an added cost. For added visual appeal, Mylar base wrapping is also available for a fee.

This completely flexible and waterproof sheet of Mylar will ensure that the Live Ivy Topiary does not leak out excess water from watering and will supply extra protection from drying out between waterings. Utilizing the Mylar wrap option will give your Live Ivy Topiary a clean and festive look when given to friends or family as a gift.

Weighing only a pound, this Live Ivy Topiary is perfect for sending to a long distance friend, keeping on a desk in an office, or for placement on a shelf. The list of places that this delicate Live Ivy Topiary will bring to life is endless. Share your love with someone close to you when you deliver this living representation of your ever growing love in the form of an Angel Vine Live Topiary.

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