Custom Made Commercial Topiary Ideas

Here we share our photo album of large topiaries we have made for our customers!

All of our extra-large topiaries are handmade. Each one is a project with engineering specs to fit your design themes. Call us today for your next topiary.

/Angel Lights
/angel moss
recommend to galvanized topiary wire to protect against weather elements

bears sitting
The Beattle's Band
dinosaur with long neck looking backwards
/dinosaur and dalek
elephant family out for the day

For centuries, people have added a dramatic touch to the exterior of their buildings with large topiary trees. The visual impact of these installations says a lot to the visitor. The artistic flair of large topiary trees will indicate you appreciate good taste. And having large topiary trees during the winter brightens the appearance of your business.

Commercial landscaping should include a mixture of large topiary trees, ball topiaries, and custom-designed topiaries inside and outside your building. The elements you chose should define your business space whether it is formal or casual. You can take an artful and fresh approach with playful ball topiaries or install something seriously sculptural to convey whatever is meaningful to your image.

The range of variety in topiaries for commercial use is endless. The elegant manicured nature of topiary designs is always stunning and impressive. Choose the style and shape from bold and striking to subdued and sophisticated. Whatever topiary you select, it will impress and bring warmth and style to your commercial d├ęcor.

Elephant Lead
elephant standing on a box
German Shepherd Grass covered
/giraffe pair standing lifesize
Giraffe frame with lights
Giraffes standing
/arge hand and bean stalk
magical moss sauropod side view
/magical moss sauropod

Bee Happy is covered with outdoor solar lights:)

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