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Life Like Globe or Ball Topiaries

You can embellish the entrance of your home with our ball topiaries creating a classic look. If you have an outside area for entertaining, they make wonderful additions to the space, giving the area a look of lushness and life.

Learn more about how our life like indoor and outdoor topiaries are awesome to own.

Do you have a dull entryway? Are you just tired of seeing the standard wreath hanging on the door to welcome guests? Perk up your entrance with the lush green and colorful berries of a beautiful topiary. 

Topiary balls come in a variety of materials for any season. Winter pine needles and pine cones are the perfect touch for an arched entryway in the cold seasons. Soft, fuzzy moss balls add a cozy feeling. Place hanging berry topiary balls from your covered porch in the fall. Add life to your kitchen in the summer with a set of three live topiaries in slick, polished steel containers. 

Use topiaries inside or outdoors to bring energy to a bare space. Balance the zen of a yoga area with terra-cotta pots filled with Arborvitae, Boxwood and more. Give a breath of fresh air to a stuffy office area with a mantle set of topiary in a pair of bronze containers. Moss ball trees created by stacking moss ball topiary with bonsai wood add a certain elegance to your home or office when placed in black azar containers. A set of three moss ball trees is a relaxing touch to your library. You may choose a single moss ball bonsai tree for a bedroom or bathroom area. Made with natural grapewood and placed in a bronze container, these trees bring nature indoors. 

Topiary placed around your home or office will create a serene environment. It also will push away negative energy. The lush greenery, assorted shapes and different finishes of the containers will bring balance and peacefulness to your area. This is especially important if you are stuck in a windowless office or cubicle all day. 

Whether cone-shaped, ball trees, placed in urns or hanging from an entryway, topiaries add life to any space.

Home » Artificial Topiary Trees » Globe Ball Toparies
13 Inch Styrofoam Moss/Leaf Ball

A-112586 : 13 Inch Styrofoam Topiary Moss Leaf Ball which is shaded Green/Brown

Price: $64.44
28 Inch Needle Point Ivy Ball

P-62020: 28 Inch Needle Point Ivy Ball - Green.

Price: $375.43
30" Single Moss Ball Bonsai

Grape Wood and metal bronze azar container.  Approx. 30" high.  Measurement of moss ball is approx. 14" in diameter. This sculpture covered with choppy, rich, with moss.

Price: $359.10
5.5 Inch Green Berry Ball

PF-100135: 5.5 Inch Plastic Berry Ball - 470 Green Berries

Price: $21.00
6  Inch Styrofoam Moss/Leaf Ball

A-112580: 6 Inch  Styrofoam Moss/Leaf Ball - Green/Brown

Price: $12.24
6.5 Inch Pine Cone Ball Green/Natural

A-133300: Natural sticks and pine cones. Use with A-133305 8 inch Pine Cone Ball. Plastic Green Leaves.

Price: $22.89
7 Inch Green Berry Ball

PF-100145: 7 Inch Plastic Berry Ball - 770 Green Berries.

Price: $36.96
8 Inch Pine Cone Ball (Green/Natural)

A-13305: Plastic Pine Leaves with Natural Sticks and Pine Cones. Use with A-133300 6.5 Inch Pine Cone Ball.

Price: $0.00
Out of Stock
8 Inch Styrofoam Moss Ball (Green/Brown)

A-100990: 8 Inch Styrofoam Moss Ball - Green/Brown. Green/Brown 8 Inch Styrofoam Moss Ball is something unique for your home that will look perfect for years to come with only a minute of care.

Price: $31.51
9 Inch Styrofoam Moss/Leaf Ball

A-112583: 9 Inch Styrofoam Moss/Leaf Ball - Green/Brown.

Price: $19.67
Desiray Garden Vases (Set of Three)

Fill up your place with any maintained greenery: Boxwood, Liptoe, Platy Foliage or Arborvitae. Sold as a set of three. 10" Tall by 7" in Diameter. Natural topiaries and shining touches create a sleek yet soft appeal.

Price: $200.00
Garden Pots (Set of 4)

Show case a gorgeous array of maintained greenery in aged terra-cotta pots. This selection inspire your home with a natural fresh and biological style. Mix-Match. Platy Foliage, Arborvitae, Boxwood, Liptoe or Salignum. Sold in a Set of 4.

Price: $200.00
Mantle Set Boxwood

Maintained boxwood in a bronze metal container. Our boxwood is created and maintained in America. There is no need of maintenance. It provides interesting look to your home as well as garden.

Price: $300.00
Preserved Arborvitae Garden Pot

Our Arborvitae Garden Pot provides natural look to ur home. Maintained Arborvitae in an aged terra-cotta pot. Measures 20" Tall by 11" Wide.


Price: $149.00
Preserved Lepto Garden Pot

Our Lepto Garden Pot provides natural look to ur home. Maintained Lepto in an aged terra-cotta pot. Measures 20" Tall by 11" Wide.


Price: $149.00
Preserved Platy Foliage Garden Pot

Our Foliage Garden Pot provides natural look to ur home. Maintained Platy Foliage in an aged terra-cotta pot. Measures 20" tall by 11"wide.


Price: $149.00
Triple Moss Ball Bonsai

It complete this zen look by adding the medium black azar. This Triple Moss Ball Bonsai tree has two moss balls with bonsai wood.

Price: $1,079.10
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