How to Prevent Fading for Artificial Outdoor Topiaries

Do artificial plants fade and become ugly? This is important and frequent question.

The answer is DO NOTHING- the expensive materials are built to sustain fading. However, weather abuse for years may remove the freshness of your outdoor topiary trees.

The color-fastness of an artificial shrub is strictly a function of the pigments employed. If good, light –fast pigments are used, fading will not occur to an objectionable extent, regardless of whether we are talking about ordinary polyethylene, vinyls, or polyblend.

Our outdoor topiaries use expensive, high quality pigments which will have minimal color change on protracted exposure sunlight.

If you decide that you want the convenient nature of artificial topiaries, there are endless things that you can do with them. A lot of artificial topiaries are made from a multitude of materials such as silk, plastic and polyblends. Because a lot of artificial topiaries are placed outside under the powerful UV rays from the sun, these plants’ color can fade away.


However, you can limit this fading by following some easy steps. First, you should dust your artificial topiaries with a duster, or utilize a blow dryer or a can computer cleaner to dust areas that are difficult to reach. You should also clean up artificial plants with a dishtowel that has been dipped in soapy water. Make sure to wipe down the stems and the foliage. Don’t forget to allow the plants dry naturally.

You can also buy UV resistant spray and spray it onto your artificial plants? Since your plants are bound to be exposed by light, it is a good idea to buy some clear UV resistant spray the next time you go to a home improvement store. Spray your artificial topiary plants in a well-ventilated area, such as your yard, and to spray the plants as if you spraying your own hair. Keep the spray about a 2 feet away from the topiaries, spray, and then let the plants air dry for a couple hours. A few topiaries have artificial flowers already that are already made with “UV inhibitors,” so don’t forget to check the labels.


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