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Flower & Topiary Plant Products

A flower topiary is the perfect type of artificial topiary plant to dress up any occasion. We offer several different looks so you're sure to find a beautiful option in any size for a celebration, a gift, or a fresh addition to your decor.

Flowering topiaries are beautiful. Shop today to for a new addition in your home or office for a flowering topiary. Flowering topiaries does not requirie expertise to maintain the blooms year around!

The more delicate topiary like a rose topiary tree can be severely affected by changing weather and seasons. This is especially true with the winter months. With artificial plants, the browning of leaves and dormancy does not affect the beauty of your flowering topiary. In addition, in dry arid regions the browning would start at the beginning of the hot weather and continue throughout the fall and winter seasons. This is a small window that the topiary has to be in its most glorious form. The actual flowers last for an even shorter time than the greenery and this is with optimum care. If these requirements cannot be kept by the client, then an artificial flowering topiary is probably the best method. We even carry artificial lemon tree topiary. It, as well as other topiary does not have to be trimmed to offset the growth that occurs in the spring or the demanding water schedule in the summer months.

In the fall months, live topiary will also have to be pruned and winterized even if the plant is indoors, but artificial topiary can be stored or left in place throughout these months because of the integrity of the craftsmanship that our artisans have crafted. This very necessary because live trees require an understanding of the topiary and growth process. This understanding is necessary in every season and requirement for care.

Flowerng topiaries will keep the same size and shape, but the height is also important. It is important to remember that these trees will get taller every year. This means that eventually the trees will not fit the space and purpose for which they were originally intended. This is a problem in the garden, and for decorators and planners that require that the plant is a constant size, shape and vibrancy.

A topiary plant introduces a beautiful natural element to interior design spaces, because their organic color palette and ability to freshen the air revitalize the stuffy offices and rooms in many buildings. There are many different kinds of topiary to choose from, but the flowering topiary is always a great choice. This is because it offers a bountiful color assortment depending on exactly which flower topiary you use. They do require more care than a woody plant, however, so keep that in mind when you are considering both which kind to buy and where to place it. You can use wall holders and ceiling mounts to place plants in interesting places. That provides you with a lot of flexibility for location. If you are unhappy with the design of a room or office, try bringing in a fresh plant with vibrant and colorful flowers. The few minutes a day you need to spend on caring for it will be nothing compared to how much enjoyment the plant will bring you. Find one whose colors go well with the room in question and you will feel much better about how the space looks as soon as the plant is in place. 

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3 and 5 Foot Azalea Ball Topiary

W-130335: 3.5 Foot Artificial Pink Azalea Ball Topiary.


Price: $258.50
4 and 5 Foot Gardenia Topiary

W-069045: 4.5 Foot Cream/White Gardenia Topiary-Custom Made.

Price: $530.75
4 and 5 Foot Gardinia Topiary

W-60220: 4.5 Foot Pink Gardenia Topiary - Natural Trunk.

Price: $126.61
4 Foot Mini Rose Double Ball Topiary

W-60230: 4 Ft Rose Mini Ball Rose Topiary-3,204 Leaves-Natural Trunk.

Price: $266.75
5 and 5 Foot Azalea Leaf Tree

W-60211: 5.5 Foot Azalea Leaf Tree - Natural Trunk - 1,248 Leaves - Green - Weighted Base

Price: $245.41
5 Foot Azalea 2 Ball Topiary

W-130350: 5 Foot Azalea 2 Ball Topiary

Price: $468.38
Out of Stock
5 Foot Wisteria Topiary

W-50110: 5 Foot Wisteria Topiary - Natural Trunk - 1,377 Leaves - 25 Flowers - Lavender - Weighted Base

Price: $195.36
6 Foot Bougainvillea Tree Beauty

W-926: 6 Foot Bougainvillea - Natural Trunks - 1,812 Leaves - 811 Flowers - Beauty - Weighted Base

Price: $370.37
6 Foot Hibiscus Topiary

W-60250: 6 Foot Hibiscus Topiary - Double Ball - Natural Trunk - 876 Leaves - 33 Peach Flowers - Weighted Base

Price: $258.61
Artificial Topiary Trees, Flower Topiary, 24 inch Chili Leaf Topiary
Our Flower Topiary, 24 inch Chili Leaf Topiary is a beautiful topiary for home or office.
Price: $17.00
Artificial Topiary Trees, Flower Topiary, 4 and 5 feet   Orange Fruit Topiary
Our Flower Topiary, 4.5 feet Orange Fruit Topiary is a beautiful topiary for home or office.
Price: $114.60
Artificial Topiary Trees, Flower Topiary, 4 feet   Mini Rose Double Ball Topiary
Our Flower Topiary, 4 feet Mini Rose Double Ball Topiary is a beautiful topiary for home or office.
Price: $185.10
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