Live Lemon Cypress Ball Christmas Topiaries

This lemon cypress live ball topiary are for year around or for Christmas decor, but it’s not over the top for Christmas, therefore can be used all winter season. They are fairly low-maintenance fast growing plant that grows in spurts as compared to slowly over time. There is less trimming involved and with the upcoming holidays approaching they would make a perfect accent to any decor or style.

For the home, it is beautiful in an entryway, or in the corner of a living area. For the office, especially those with low light, this topiary will bring some life into the room. Though, the lemon cypress does best in a location that gets at least five hours of full sun per day.
While indoors, keep the cypress near the window for maximum light, south facing would be ideal. Keep the soil moist but not soaking wet to avoid root rot. It’s best to keep them somewhere in your home where you can check them every day for maintenance. They like to be fed on a regular basis during the growing season, April through September every two weeks and once a month during the colder months with a 20-20-20 fertilizer.

The lemon cypress ball topiaries must be pruned on a regular basis to maintain their natural triangle or sphere shape. When pruned the tips will scab and turn brown, but not to worry this will fade in a short time as the topiary heals and grows.

Besides these few little notes on how to care for your lemon cypress ball topiary, these easy, fast growing, adaptable plants make the perfect gift for someone special or for your own home.



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