Live Ivy Cone Christmas Topiaries

Live Ivy Cone Christmas Topiaries are elegant and beautiful to set the stage for your home, business or office. These topiaries paired together make the symmetry add richness and sophistication to its appearance. Like other ivy products, it thrives in bright, indirect sunlight, so you can keep it indoors near a south- or west-facing window. If no window is available, ivies are hearty plants, and respond well to artificial light conditions.

This topiary can live outside, though a cool environment is ideal. Keep indoors during seasons of extreme heat or cold, and avoid temperatures above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, especially if the air is dry. For longer-term care, let the soil dry slightly between watering, and water less in winter. Rinse the foliage regularly to help prevent insect infestations, and keep the leaves looking fresh.



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