Live Preserved Topiaries | Home, Office, or Commercial Decor

Live preserved topiaries are the really live plants or trees with no maintenance and will last for years to come. Texture, look and display of these topiaries are real. Our boxwood topiaries are most popular.

Live preserved cone shaped topiary trees and bushes for the home. These plants are the real thing, but glycerin is used to preserve them so that you never need to keep them watered or trimmed. Ranging in size from one to five feet in height, these plants make an impressive addition to the entryway or another part of the home. Learn more about live cone shape topiaries.

Artificial trees tend to look to fake and collect dust. You can get the low maintenance of a faux topiary with the look of a real one in a preserved topiary. These plants are real, grown topiaries trimmed into a cone shape that are slowly dried out and treated with glycerin to keep them looking fresh. Homeowners can find small foot tall plants for side tables or tall five foot plants to place on the floor. They make great entry way markers. Live preserved cone shaped topiary trees are as low-maintenance as it gets. These trees require no maintenance or watering. On average they last between seven to ten years, depending on the type of tree. Boxwood trees last about seven years, while a eucalyptus lasts ten years. You will only need to dust it now and then to keep the leaves looking bright and green. When looking for something that fits well with your lifestyle, turn to a topiary.


A decorative display made with a preserved ball topiary plant is the perfect choice for those seeking something low effort. You can purchase petite or tall ball shaped topiaries to decorate the interior of your home in style. These unique plants are grown, dried, and gently preserved with a glycerin solution. Moss, boxwood, and juniper ball topiaries are all beautiful choices for the home. Learn more about live ball shape topiaries.

Decorate fast and easy with preserved ball topiaries for the home. These unique plants make a great addition to the entryway, hallways, and tabletops of the living area. You will never need to water or trim these trees due to the process they undergo to preserve them. The plants are slowly dried and glycerin is used to keep the plant intact and the leave bright and green. You’ll find that there are several varieties available from the moss ball topiary for artistic displays and stone gardens to the tall boxwood topiary to serve as a floor piece. These topiaries are available in a number of sizes from about one foot tall up to five feet tall. For a more visually interesting look, consider the ball and cone shaped topiary, or a three ball topiary. Both feature closely trimmed and cleaned stems for a bold design. Preserved topiaries can last between seven to ten years and will only need dusting to keep them looking great.

Bring a touch of the greco-roman style into your home with spiral shape preserved topiaries. These coniferous plants are grown and shaped by expert gardeners, who then gently dry and preserve the trees with glycerin. The preservation process means that your topiary plant will never need watering or trimming to keep its beautiful shape. Decorate in style with a preserved spiral topiary. Learn more about live spiral shape topiaries.

Turn your home into a place where guests want to spend all of their free time with spiral preserved topiaries filling out the background. These plants range between 100 and 130 inches in height, so they are perfect for rooms with tall ceilings. Turn to the spiral topiary as a marker for the entryway, to add interest to long hallway and waiting rooms, or to fill out a three season room. You’ll be able to keep these plants looking great without much effort at all. Expert gardeners have grown and trimmed the coniferous trees into their spiral shape, and then preserved them with a drying process and a coating of glycerin. These preserved trees don’t require any watering or trimming. All that is needed to keep them looking great is a wipe down with the duster or spraying with a can of air from time to time. Most topiaries last between seven to ten years, depending on the type of tree used.

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