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Explore our wonderful topiary animal forms.   Suggest that you get your holiday orders in as soon as possible especially for the lighted topiaries that go quickly. We frequently update our inventories, so please check back. Thank you!

We can ship out in the USA,  Canada, or Europe, & Worldwide.  Note that shipping outside the USA may incur higher shipping cost than estimated during online check due to export fees, customs fees, and bank fees. Suggest to inquire for a shipping quote.

To keep your topiary forms fresh looking, we suggest you watch this video for guidance to revive your topiary and this link for general topiary planting instructions for wireframe topiary forms. Learn more about topiary supplies to revive the look of your topiaries



Topiary Cocker Frame



custom made elephant 5 foot topiary


For the Love of a Topiary 

Seeing is believing when it comes to shopping for a topiary. Today's stunning topiaries are constructed from lush green moss, elegant frame or a broad range of topiary sculptures.  When you add a topiary to your landscape, you make a decorative style statement. A topiary adds a finishing touch that always grabs attention. It's really just a matter of choosing the topiary that fits your personal preferences. 

A Topiary for All Seasons
When shopping for the ideal outdoor topiary, decide on the size, shape and type that will last through several seasons. However, if you choose an outdoor topiary, keep in mind it will need a light touch of pruning and training to maintain its original shape. 

Some topiary lovers prefer artificial topiaries or topiary frames to reduce maintenance and care. 

How to Choose the Topiary Location
Lovers of toparies invariably want them to be seen by others. The topiary location is important. Take stock of the landscape and look for a bare spot that could use a moss topiary to accent it. 

Bare corners of the landscape always invite the opportunity to add a frame topiary of your favorite canine breed or a decorative sports frame topiary for avid sports fans. 

Where to Shop for a Topiary
Topiary sculptures always get attention because of their specific shape. Shopping for a topiary sculpture is always enjoyable. Once you decide on the size and type of topiary, the next step is to shop online from the convenience of your home or office. 

Take your time and browse at the largest topiary site online, Topiary Tree, found at https://topiarytree.net/products/topiary-animal-availability. 

Shopping is a click of your computer mouse away from the most exciting line of topiary products. 

Once you reach the Topiary Tree site, note the menu tabs that offer a broad range of information on moss topiaries, frame topiaries, topiary sculptures and topiary frames. 

Click on a the "Browse" menu tab and enter a world of topiary choices like no other. At the left side of the Topiary Tree screen, you will see a second menu listing all of the products available, along with photos of actual topiary frames, moss topiaries and topiary sculptures. 

A Wealth of Choices and Topiary Care for Landscape Beauty
Topiary Tree has a loyal customer following and a staff of the most creative, artistic topiary designers. As you can see from the products offered, the topiary designs in moss, frame and sculpture are intended for optimal customer satisfaction. Don't forget to click on the "Care Instructions" tab in the menu at the top of the screen. 

Topiary Tree doesn't just sell their products, they also provide a wealth of information on topiary care. If you have additional questions, assistance is by phone at 877-237-2972. Ordering couldn't be easier. Click on the checkout tab and place your order. 

Basically with just two or three clicks of the mouse, you can have your Topiary Tree topiary on its way to you. Enjoy Topiary Tree shopping today. 

Our goal is to introduce bright natural scenes into your home or office. We strive to offer the best topiary products you can find online, along with being the largest selection available to you. Not only do we offer great outdoor topiary products but our indoor selection is just as grand. We pride ourselves in bringing the richest and most natural colors we can offer in our persevered indoor topiary products.

For home or office décor small yet eye-catching plants, such as ferns in terracotta pots. They fill in space and the greenery produces a beautiful contrast to the clay pot, which will sharpen most rooms in a pinch. Do not be afraid to substitute live plants with fake ones if you do not have the means to care for one. Our preserved boxwoods can easily fill empty spaces in your home or workplace or simply be used as centerpieces. Vine arrangements or topiary animals make great conversation pieces for dinner parties and holidays. The single or double boxwood balls can even be touched up with additional decorations like Christmas lights to fit the holidays.

For holiday gift-giving, we have many small, live, and preserved topiary products, including small vine arrangements, holiday wreaths, and housewarming topiary animals. Any of these products will make lovely gifts to family and friends for every occasion. If you are just starting to make your entry into the wonderful designs and joy of purchasing topiary pieces we offer amazing prices for high-quality products.

Ideally, purchasing your outdoor décor will inspire what you choose for your indoor décor. If you want your home or business to have a certain theme or give it a nice transition from the outdoors to the indoors, you should have your indoor topiary match the topiary you have outside, in order to make a seamless move from outside to in. It helps add consistency to your home or business and keep the inside fresh and lively.

Be sure to check our outdoor topiary products as well. Yes, our topiary animals are great for outdoor use in moss or artificial boxwood. We have a large selection of outdoor topiaries to choose from so it can be a bit overwhelming.We have the preserved boxwood balls which can spruce up any entryway and the double ball boxwoods add a more sophisticated feel to your home or workplace. Topiary is a great way to improve your home or office, but it can also be a very enjoyable hobby as well.

Topiary animals can be more to you than just buying decorations, it can become a hobby and a collection. Trying to find the perfect plant to fit in a room can be like working on a puzzle for some. No matter how many rooms or how much space you have it does not hurt to add some natural greens to your living space. Natural topiary products add a vibrant and tranquility to your personal space that you a may never have known you needed until you make your first purchase. We hope that you will find exactly what you are looking for to liven up your home or office.

If you are looking for indoor décor for your office topiary can create a calm and relaxing environment for you and your employees. A topiary plant in a pot, such as a live boxwood ball gives a professional feeling to office spaces or front desks. Preserved boxwood balls do not require much care so you can feel free to include as many as you wish around your business and not worry about them needing to be taken care of. It is this option of live or preserved topiary products that help give you the satisfaction of your business.

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